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LAN Routers & Firewalls
Industrial wireless router : ready to use dual-radio module


WiFi module (11n 2T2R + 11ac 3T3R) TTL Ethernet interface (delivered without antenna nor pigtail cable)

Series Description

EmbedAir1000 module by ACKSYS is designed to quickly and easily add an WiFi connectivity to any Ethernet equipment or simply to allow you to build your own industrial WiFi device.


Ready to use standalone, requiring no external software or drivers, EmbedAir1000 reduces dramatically development costs, shorten time to market and guarantees the sustainability of your device. Its long-term availability will ensure you solid returns from investment and allow you to restrict costly operations like design and certification, unlike most commercially available modules on the market.


EmbedAir1000 is an extremely compact state-of-the-art solution and supports WiFi access point, client, repeater & MESH point modes. These functions can be operated simultaneously. EmbedAir1000 offers routing, filtering and advanced security features including 802.11i (EAP authentication with Radius server/WPA/WPA2 Enterprise), tunnels with fully encrypted data, firewall, VLAN…


Its high-speed 802.11n + 802.11ac WiFi interfaces support any kind of Ethernet based protocols such as UDP, TCP, Profi net, Modbus/TCP, Safe Ethernet, Ethernet IP…


EmbedAir1000 meets the industrial requirements (shocks, vibrations, large temperature range, long-lasting product design…) of applications such as onboard computers, CCTV, medical equipment, mining equipment, military DCE, explosion proof devices…
Its fast roaming feature (<30ms) makes it also ideal for any kind of mobile applications such as AGVs for example.

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Product Brand

ACKSYS Communications & Systems is a leading brand specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative wireless communication solutions. Their product range includes industrial-grade Wi-Fi access points, Ethernet bridges, routers, and serial device servers, among others. With a focus on reliability, performance, and security, ACKSYS products cater to various industries such as transportation, energy, automation, and defense, providing seamless connectivity and advanced networking capabilities for mission-critical applications.


A series refers to a collection of related products or components designed to work together seamlessly, typically within a specific industry or application. These series often share similar features and functionalities, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration for users.
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WaveOS firmware upgrade package, release notes
It is recommended to save your configuration to a PC prior to upgrade the firmware






WaveOS : Download the user guide

4G cards firmware update package 6.3


WaveManager : Deployment & centralized management software for WaveOS-based WiFi products, Windows platforms
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