Direct access to skills & competence

Being the first to do something introduces risks that many Critical Infrastructure projects can well do without. IT4A’s 30 year experience in Operational Technology networks enables us to provide the strategic and technical consulting that will bring better outcomes sooner. Our collaborative approach ensures knowledge is shared at every stage and our ability to support the complete OT network lifecycle, from design through operation to obsolescence, gives a unique insight and opportunity to add value.

Strategic Consulting Service

IT4Automation delivers high standard reliable innovative bespoke engineering services to our customer needs. A collaboration that looks into the architectural and business drivers for change. The outcome is a well defined scope with accompanying reference design. A full scope will consider
  • Determination of need
  • Audit of what exists
  • Gap analysis
  • Risk treatment plan
  • Basis of design
  • Documentation set
  • Test planning
  • Integration & commissioning plan
  • Live migration plan
  • Post implementation support plan
  • Maintenance plan
  • Training requirements

Technical Consulting Service

Planning a significant future investment without first understanding the present status results in uncertainty. Leaving early design assumptions untested introduces a risk that can scupper the best laid plans and budgets. Preliminary investigations into areas of risk can provide a degree of confidence and a source of reference for years to come. Going into a review or embarking on a new project asks questions of what exists, for example: We need to…..
  • Understand exactly what assets (devices and systems) are connected to the network and why.
  • Determine the quality and availability of existing fibre/copper infrastructure, cleaning where needed.
  • Assess whether existing network infrastructure (switches routers etc) can be reused or need to be replaced. If the latter why?
  • Identify and remove any network bottlenecks that impact many devices and wider system performance.
  • Assess the security position of the existing infrastructure.
  • Understand what is determining ultimate performance – the network or the devices that use it.
It is IT4A’s experience that enables these questions to be answered with all the supporting evidence and analysis.


Automation networks rely upon 5 key technology areas:

“I can honestly say that with IT4A working alongside us we assembled the right team managed to achieve all our goals successfully”

Nuclear Sector,

Project Manager