Wide Area Networking

Modern Automation networks have standardised on Ethernet and the Internet ‘IP’ protocol across the Local Area (Plant Wide) Network (LAN).

Network Interconnection

Public Network Connectivity

Interconnection of sites generally requires the use of public Wide Area Network (WAN) services (ADSL/FTTC/3G4G). The WAN router provides the interconnect between LAN and WAN.

These devices can be quite complex and their performance and features vary considerably as do their price.

Product Selection Criteria

Characteristics that impact cost include:

  • Environmental robustness
  • Interfaces
  • Routing protocols
  • Encryption / VPN
  • Firewall
  • Performance
  • Manageability
  • Event and Alert Notifications

IT4A provide managed WAN network services to industry. We can advise on product selection or provide a fully managed ‘turnkey’ solution.

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Automation networks rely upon 5 key technology areas:

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