IT4A provide a wide range of single and multimode fibre services ranging from new installation to the clean/repair and recertification to EN50173.

In addition to the bare fibre installations IT4A provide pre-terminated cables with pulling socks that can facilitate rapid and low cost fibre implementations.

IT4A have a wide range of certified fibre test equipment to allow legacy fibre infrastructure to be re verified prior to any significant project role out.

For major installations we will provide the appropriately protected and constructed fibre to site and test the continuity on the reel before installation. Whilst the fibre is tested before shipment from the supplier it is not unknown for damage to be done between leaving the factory and final implementation. The bare fibre pre-test ensures the customer knows whether issues relate to delivery or installation.

If you want to discuss a fibre optic installation opportunity or a need to troubleshoot and existing installation, please contact IT4A here.