IT4A has worked with control systems and their various elements for many years; we have designed and implemented digital video systems as far back as 2000.

IT4A believe the emergence of an integrated solution for digital security systems will become as commonplace within Critical Security System Automation as it is today as SCADA within Industrial Automation. The transition will happen first in the areas of Critical Infrastructure where there is most to gain, this same areas of infrastructure where IT4A already provide critical network solutions.

From 2015 IT4A have combined competence in critical networking and security with, state of the art, CPNI complaint digital security systems from Cortech Industries. The Cortech integration platform enables co-operation between autonomous site-wide services that include: CCTV, Video Analytics, Intrusion Detection, Fire, BMS, HVAC, Lighting and Access Control to interact with one another. Integrated digital security services, connected across a secure & resilient network infrastructure, result in an outcome much stronger than the component parts. Whilst IT4A have partnered with the following vendors to provide a proven, feature rich, solution; features from most of the popular systems can be integrated.

Integration Partners

Automation networks rely upon 5 key technology areas:

“I can honestly say that with IT4A working alongside us we assembled the right team managed to achieve all our goals successfully”

Nuclear Sector,
Project Manager