Most has heard of high speed internet connections provided across fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) services. This service uses copper to connect the house or office to the nearest street cabinet, generally a few ,00 meters away and from here the data is switched on to either the contended public bearer service with no service level agreement (SLA) or the leased line backhaul services that benefits from a 7hr to fix SLA. This latter service is referred to as Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC) or generic Ethernet Access (GEA).

The advantage of this services is that it can be provided across existing copper infrastructure to the office.

While FTTC based services are the higher performing public data services they are limited in terms of roll out and reach. Many locations can only be reached by DigitalSubscriber Line (DSL) typically Asynchronous DSL where the uplink speed is limited to approx 1Mbps and download to typically 8Mbps.

These speeds are more than adequate for most automation / OT interconnections even at the lower speeds returned over long lines between the premise and the serving exchange. ADSL services typically operate at 1Mbps at around 7Km distance from exchange.

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