Survey tends to happen prior to a major application upgrade, following a significant network event that has interrupted production or operation in some form or another, or when some solid, independent advice is sought.

Survey removes risk


The value of actually visiting the site cannot be underestimated. It is not uncommon for a major design change to follow a survey due to some site constraint that was not flagged at the outset. Determined early enough in the project the impact of site specific knowledge can be minimised. Any of the following are enough to waste a visit, cause a redesign and delay, or worse have operatives turned away from site with reputational damage likely. All will result in significant aditional cost.

  • Access
  • Environment
  • H&S Risks
  • Power
  • Space
  • Distances
  • Obstruction
  • Permit & Induction
  • Secure Storage
  • Technology / Solution Specific

Collecting relevant information at the right time maximises the likelihood of delivery on time and within budget.

Automation networks rely upon 5 key technology areas:

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