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Wireless 802.11 b/g/n Serial Device Server with 2 Serial port, DB9(M), Fast P2P, 1x antenna

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Series Description

Additional information


Connector ports


, ,



Baud Rate


Data Bits

Stop Bits

Flow Control

Wireless PCI-e Module

Tx / Rx

Standard Conformance

United States (FCC)

Europe (ETSI)


, , , ,


, , , , , , , , ,

802.11n (20MHz bandwidth)

802.11n (40MHz bandwidth)


802.11n 2.4GHz/HT20

802.11n 2.4GHz/HT40

802.11n HT20

, , , , , , ,

802.11n HT40

, , , , , , ,

802.11b/g/n HT20

, , , , , , ,

802.11b/g/n HT40

, , , , , , ,


Wireless Security



Input Voltage

Input Current

Power Consumption

Reverse Polarity Protection


Dimension (W x H x D)



Reset Button

Wi-Fi Direct(P2P) Button

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 60°C (14°F ~ 140°F)

Storage Temperature

Ambient Relative Humidity

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SW5502C Series

The SW5502C is part of a wider series. A series refers to a collection of related products or components designed to work together seamlessly, typically within a specific industry or application. These series often share similar features and functionalities, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration for users.

Modular managed Ethernet switch with 8 10/100BaseT(X) ports, 2 10/100/1000BaseT(X) or 100/1000BaseSFP combo ports, and 2 slots for fast Ethernet modules, front cabling, 1 isolated power supply ( 85-264 VAC), -40 to 75°C

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Moxa Remote Connect gateway with 1 LTE cellular port and 2 Ethernet ports, Japan region -30 to 70°C operating temperature

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IEC 61850-3 managed Ethernet switch with 8 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 2 100BaseFX multi-mode ports with LC connectors, 1 power supply (48 VDC), -40~85C

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IEC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch with 20 100BaseFX ports(MST), 4 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 4 1000BaseSFP ports; for a total of up to 28 ports, 2 isolated power supply (88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature

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Layer 3 modular managed Ethernet switch with 4 100/1000BaseSFP ports, 3 slots for Ethernet modules, 1 isolated power supply (24/48 VDC), -40 to 75°C operating temperature

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Remote maintenance router, 10/100 Mbps, NAT, VPN, firewall

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SFP to RJ45 Transceiver, 10/100/1000Mbps, -40~85°C

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5-Port Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch with Single-mode Fiber Optic, SC connector, 15 KM

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10-Port Lite-Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 2 1000 SFP

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16-Port Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 RJ45, 8 PoE, and 4 x 10 Gigabit SFP uplink ports

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Version Name Time Size Download
v5.60 Management Utility for Windows 2021-01-18 23.65 MB Download
v5.20 Management Utility for Windows 2016-10-28 16.21 MB Download


Version Name Time Size Download
v3.31 SW5501C-SW5502C Firmware 2022-09-28 8.03 MB Download
v3.29 SW5501C-SW5502C Firmware 2017-04-19 8.01 MB Download


Version Name Time Size Download
v5.4 Datasheet EN 2023-11-01 661.01 KB Download
v5.2 Datasheet EN 2020-12-30 855.01 KB Download
v5.1 Datasheet EN 2018-03-07 3.99 MB Download


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.4 SW5501C-SW5502C User Manual 2019-07-03 3.72 MB Download
v1.3 SW5501C-SW5502C User Manual 2017-12-20 3.69 MB Download

Hardware Installation Guide

Version Name Time Size Download
v1.1 SW5501C-SW5502C Hardware Installation Guide 2014-03-12 437.07 KB Download

Test reports

Version Name Time Size Download
SW5502C Declarations of Conformity 2023-03-15 300.54 KB Download
v1.0 CB Test report 2020-12-30 3.4 MB
v1.0 CE EN 300328 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-30 189.78 KB
v1.0 CE EN 301489 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-30 280.18 KB
v1.0 CE EN 301893 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-30 190.72 KB
v1.0 FCC Certification report 2020-12-30 205.23 KB
v1.0 LVD Certification 2020-12-30 105.24 KB
v1.0 UL 60950-1 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-30 505.95 KB
v1.0 CE EN 300328 Certificate of compliance 189.78 KB
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