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Industrial CAN-to-fiber converters for distance extension



Industrial CAN to Fiber Optic Converter for Distance Extension, ST Multi-mode, -40 to 75 ℃

Series Description


The ICF-1171I Series CAN-to-fiber converters are used in pairs to
connect two CAN 2.0 or two CAN FD devices or networks via single-mode
or multi-mode optical fiber. The ICF-1171I provides 2-kV isolation
protection for the CAN interface and dual power inputs to ensure that
your CANbus system will work uninterrupted.

Extend the CAN Bus Transmission Distance

The total transmission distance of a CAN 2.0 or CAN FD system can
be extended by 2 km (multi-mode fiber) or by 40 km (single-mode fiber)
using ICF-1171I converters, regardless of the CAN baudrate.

Easily Fulfil Various Communication Scenarios

Two CAN 2.0 networks or CAN FD networks can communicate with each
other using different baudrates. The ICF-1171I converters can automatically
detect the baudrate of the connected CAN 2.0 device and apply the
baudrate to itself. Therefore, users do not need to know the baudrate
of the connected CAN 2.0 device. This is an extremely convenient feature.
Baudrates can also be set to a predefined value via rotary switches.

Easily Troubleshoot Communication Issues

It is easy to check if an issue exists on the CAN bus or the Fiber
link. The ICF-1171I converters are provided with LEDs that indicate
the fiber link state, fiber communication status, CAN bus state, and
CAN bus communication status.

Additional information

Optical Fiber



No. of Ports


Input Current

Contact Current Rating



Operating Temperature

-40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F)

Ambient Relative Humidity





Warranty Period

IP Rating





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ICF-1171I Series

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