Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated Security Solutions

With Ethernet and the Internet ‘IP’ Protocol now ubiquitous across all areas of Automation there are many opportunities to benefit from Integration.

Just as Industry has benefitted from being able to integrate wide ranging instrumentation, sensors and actuators within a common control philosophy; the same is now achievable within the field of Digital Security. Cause and effect logic, applied to autonomous systems such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, allows each system to become a sensor or actuator for the others. This further level of system intelligence means possibilities are limited by only imagination and budget. A simple example is would be to trigger a camera owned by an Autonomous CCTV system to move to a preset position – the related door – and record in high resolution for 10 seconds before and 30 seconds after a message was received from the respective door controller that forms part of the autonomous Access Control system.


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Established in 1992, Cortech Developments is a leading independent provider of enterprise level software solutions for the integration of building, fire and security control systems

Software Integration Solutions

Our solutions provide a single point of control and monitoring for building, fire and security systems including CCTV, access control, intruder, perimeter, fire, intercom, cell call, staff safety, concierge, building alarms and other emerging technologies.

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Cortech Developments' modular software suite, DATALOG, is common place amongst many UK and International high security environments and critical national infrastructure.