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Wi-Fi Mesh Router



802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Mesh AP Router, Firewall, 4x 10/100/1000 LAN + 1x WAN, PoE PD, DIN-Rail

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Series Description

ATOP AWR is an advanced device that allows a very tangible scale-up of almost any industrial wireless infrastructure. In addition to high EMC protection, wide-temperature operation, superb hardware and advanced features, AWR will provide high-speed internet access with load balancing and high degrees of security, high speeds and advanced configuration options.

Quad-ARM Cortex A7 CPU: AWR integrates an industrial-grade Quadcore A7 ARM CPU, enabling the processing power you need to filter heavy traffic over firewalls, routing, forwarding and security meansures.

Wi-Fi Mesh: AWR’s advanced chipset allows you to set up several devices as a mesh network, achieving a self-healing network that adjusts its topology based on need–perfect for dynamic applications.

High-Performance: With its integrated IEEE802.11ac wave-2 feature and supporting 2×2 concurrent MUMIMO RF, AWR provides high-throughput connections through 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands.

Security: Integrating firewall, zone forwarding, and VPN features, ATOP AWR allows you to connect your industrial network to the internet without fearing intrusions into your organization data.

Harsh Environments: ATOP AWR is proven to run at its maximum loading in the harshest EMC and climate environments.

Reliability: With a rugged metal housing and power redundancy, AWR is resistive to damage in harsh industrial environments.

As a Wi-Fi DBDC Router AWR5805’s simplest operating mode is as a router/access point. Use it to connect to the internet through your broadband provider via PPPoE, Static IP or DHCP and provide internet connection to Wi-Fi and wired clients. With AWR you can define your own wireless access policy and set up a Firewall and VPN connection based on your needs.

As a Wi-Fi Mesh Primary Router AWR5805 is designed to act as a mesh router or as a mesh node, and the configuration of one or both radios to work in mesh mode takes barely any time. No more fussing with topology changes or complicated wiring!

With Wi-Fi mesh, all nodes can communicate with each other and the transmission paths are dynamically adjusted if a change in signal strength or topology is detected. So, even if a device is temporarily unaccessible due to interference or position, the network will still work perfectly. Mesh functionality can be combined with all other features of AWR5805.


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Ethernet Ports



External IO Interfaces

Default/Reset Button

SD Slot

LED Indicators

Voltage Input




Reverse Polarity Protection



Dimension L x W x H (mm)



Ingress Protection Rating

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +75°C (-22°F to +158°F)

Storage Temperature

Ambient Relative Humidity

Internet Connection





DHCP Client/Static IP/PPPoE

Connection Protocol/Service

Industrial Protocol



Port Forwarding



Cellular Backup

WAN Backup

Schedule operation


Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi Security


System Configuration

Firmware upgrade

System Log





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AWR5805 Series

The AWR5805-P is part of a wider series. A series refers to a collection of related products or components designed to work together seamlessly, typically within a specific industry or application. These series often share similar features and functionalities, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration for users.

Industrial RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Optic Converter, ST Single mode


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1-port PROFIBUS Master to PROFINET gateway, -40~75°C operating temperature


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4-port Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP-to-EtherNet/IP gateways, -10 to 60°C operating temperature


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8 Port UPCI Board, RS-232


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8 Port PCIe Board, w/o Cable, RS-422/485, w/ Surge , w/ Isolation


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4 Port PC/104+ Board, RS-422/485, w/ Isolation


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RS-485 remote I/O with 16 DIs, -40 to 85°C


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Ethernet remote I/O with 2-port Ethernet switch, 16 DOs, -40 to 75°C


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8 AIs, 4 to 20 mA, 16 bits, 40 kHz, -40 to 75°C


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Module for ioThinx 4500 Series, 16 DOs, 24VDC, sink , -40 to 75°C operating temperature


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Version Name Time Size Download
v1.0 AWR5805 Firmware 2022-12-01 21.77 MB Download


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.2 Datasheet EN 2023-11-01 293.77 KB Download
v1.1 Datasheet EN 2023-04-20 368.56 KB Download


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.4 AWR5805 User Manual 2023-08-02 7.1 MB Download
v1.3 AWR5805 User Manual 2022-12-01 7.33 MB Download

Hardware Installation Guide

Version Name Time Size Download
v0.1 AWR5805 Hardware Installation guide 2022-02-15 21.88 MB Download

Test reports

Version Name Time Size Download
v1.0 NCC Certification 2022-02-15 2.57 MB Download
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