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Modbus Gateways
2-port Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP to MQTT/Azure/AWS cloud-ready gateways



2-port Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP to MQTT/Azure/AWS Cloud-supported gateways

Series Description


The AIG-100 Series gateways are entry-level IIoT gateways
that connect Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP devices to cloud platforms and applications
such as Azure, AWS, and MQTT. The AIG-100 as a Modbus master can integrate
existing Modbus devices with cloud platforms, effortlessly collecting
and transmitting data to the Azure and AWS clouds. Moreover, the gateways
also support the Modbus TCP slave mode, enabling simultaneous transmission
of data to a cloud platform and local SCADA system.

Effortless Extension of I/O and Serial Interfaces

As the number of field sites increases, additional I/O
or serial interfaces are required to connect devices, such as sensors,
meters, and inverters, for collecting and processing the large amount
of data that is generated. A typical approach is to install remote
I/O and device servers to extend the interfaces, but the configuration
settings required can be a nightmare for most users. To provide an
extremely simple configuration process for interface extension, AIG-100
gateways have better integration and come with an intuitive wizard
that can configure Moxa ioLogiks and UPorts with just a few clicks.

Built-in Ready-to-use Data Preprocessing Functions, No Coding Required

Energy Management Systems mainly collect energy data
such as average power generation and energy efficiency. This data
is then used to display on-site conditions, observe the energy trend,
and optimize energy usage. Most edge systems require additional programming
to process the data required by energy management system. The AIG-100
can preprocess the edge data and directly send meaningful data to
the energy management systems. The intuitive UI enables easy configuration
of the IIoT gateway settings to collect and process data.

Secure Remote Access Reduces Maintenance Costs

The AIG-100 comes with powerful troubleshooting tools
to diagnose issues with protocol statuses and capture and analyze
traffic packets, enabling engineers to remotely identify the root
cause of issues and quickly bring the operation back to normal. The
tools also provide secure remote access to the AIG-100 to enable the
maintenance engineers to directly access it, saving a lot of time
and effort and reducing system downtime in energy management systems.




Additional information

Configuration Options

Time Management

No. of Ports



Cellular Standards

Cellular Antenna Connectors

SIM Format

Industrial Protocols

Green Product


Functions Supported

Max. No. of Client Connections

Max. No. of Commands

Versions Supported

QoS Levels

Authentication Methods

Native Capabilities

Moxa Functions

Commands Invokable Via Jobs

microSD Slot

Input Voltage

Power Connector





Ambient Relative Humidity

Operating Temperature

-40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)





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AIG-100 Series

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AIG QuickON Utility

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Apr 19, 2023

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Tech Note: Enabling Configurable Data Transmission With Moxa’s Advanced IIoT Gateways

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Nov 23, 2022

Nov 23, 2022

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