Since 9/11 2001 the threat landscape and attitude to risk changed forever. The protection of Critical Network Infrastructure (CNI) has become a passion at IT4A. We have elected to follow the network security guidance of set down UK Government bodies. This section introduces our primary references.

IT4A are a specialist Automation Networking Company. We understand process, control, data acquisition and monitoring. We know how to design, build and how to protect these networks from attack – intentional or otherwise. Robust, secure, high performance and resilient networks, by design, are what IT4A do best. We design networks to be managed and security evidenced.


History of CNI


Automation Security was achieved through the obscurity of Serial Communication and Proprietary Protocols.


Hirschmann (now Belden) introduced the first Industrial Ethernet Switch with Ring Redundancy.


September 11th 2001 – The world changed, the threat landscape had continued to evolve since this date.


The UK Government introduces National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre (NISCC).


Ethernet and IP become the norm for distributed process automation, control and monitoring networks.


CPNI – Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure was formed from NISCC and NSAC to educate Industry.


UK Highways Agency introduce CoCo a risk based approach for allowing access to National Road Telecom Services.


Connect Plus (M25) IT4A deliver FULL Code of Connection for M25 SCADA and Remote Access Networks.


IT4A are unique in the UK. No other supplier of Industrial Automation Networking products has the internal support of a project hardened engineering team. No other Industrial Network Engineering Team has the level of vendor certification and access that is available to IT4A.