Since the late 1990’s the use of Ethernet and the Internet ‘IP’ Protocol have become ubiquitous across all areas of Automation. Within Industrial Automation, ownership of the automation network is often passed to the Integrator (SI) of the respective Automation System, there are ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to this approach. Accountability is often seen and a ‘pro’, the ability for a System owner to point the finger at the SI if there is any problem is often seen as a positive. IT4A believe there is a fundamental and dangerous flaw in this approach. Networks, critical to the reliable operation of the wider system, are passed to SI organisations that are rarely experts in the field of networking, this compromise can carry a high cost.

Process and site-wide service such as the provision of electrical & gas services require a formal measure of competence, measured through qualification and experience to determine competence. Irrespective of criticality, the network designer, installer and commissioning team need no such formal measure of competence, not even a relevant vendor certification. With a process, production and often safety being reliant on the network this approach is fundamentally flawed.

IT4A engineers are certified by the leading vendors of automation networking equipment, we are the Company that delivers training to Industry. We have demonstrated competence in some of the most challenging environments (Offshore Oil & Gas, UK Nuclear, Rail and Highways) and designed, supplied and engineered on some of the largest automation networks on the planet. Our experience is not limited to connectivity, it extends to the ongoing monitoring, support and maintenance that will ensure all risks are assessed and managed every step of the way.

IT4A believe compromising on the design and implementation of a critical automation network introduces an unacceptable risk to the Critical Network Infrastructure that rely upon it.

IT4A delivers its wide ranging network infrastructure solutions that underpin the control and monitoring elements of modern automation systems. In areas of critical infrastructure, where 21st century integrated digital security solutions (CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Video Analytics, etc) are also demanded, IT4A have partnered with Companies such as Moxa, Belden, Vicon and Cortech to deliver state of the art CPNI approved solutions.

Critical Network Infrastructure

Whether migrating a nuclear process control network, a motorway control system or a water treatment plant, IT4A have the experience and competence to deliver all seamlessly. Within highly regulated environment nothing is left to chance every stage of design is controlled and meticulously documented.

SCADA Networking

Where the process is not considered critical but is none the less extremely important IT4A develop a bespoke solutions. The solution is described within a solutions guide that combines Basis of Design, Fucntional Design, Test Plans, As Built, Operation and Maintenance plans into a single, high quality, document.

Integrated Security Solutions

Whilst IT4A partner with Systems Integrators for automation networks, we lead the way in in integrated digital security. Modern security systems demand an integrated approach in deployment with expertise at the core and our Security Cleared engineers in place, IT4A are ideally positioned to integrate modern security systems.