With ‘fit for purpose’ products selected and a view to how the device SYSLOG messages will fit in to the OT monitoring system the final piece of the jigsaw relates to the skills, experience and competence of and accessible to the local team and the quality of the documentation they have to rely upon.  

At IT4A we believe the best way to deliver sustainable OT skills is to deliver training that relates to the individuals role and to perform the activities expected from them within the role.  We believe this approach engages the support team and provides an opportunity for a champion to emerge that can take on the network administrator role.  The network administrator will receive additional training to remove any reliance for external support.  

IT4A’s longer term role would be to provide quarterly visits to support and develop the skills of the network administrator.  This level of collaboration allows IT4A to assist where skills or confidence is in short supply.  

"I can honestly say that with IT4A working alongside us we assembled the right team and managed to achieve all our goals successfully"

Nuclear Sector,
Project Manager