Whether considering a new build or following an OT network review, taking time to understand the network originated threats to your OT availability can only deliver a better outcome.

Modern day threats to high availability OT network are many and varied; any one could have a direct impact to operational activity.  Some of the common threats include:

  • Device or power failure
  • Poor or miss configuration.
  • Obsolescence.
  • Poor network segmentation and fire walling.
  • Cyber Threat.
  • Insider Threat.
  • Password management and encryption.
  • Physical or environmental damage.

With these and more targeted threats to consider, opportunities to implement good practice should be embraced.

IT4A’s Create Secure Detect Defend methodology can help you create an OT network that directly addresses these threats and in so doing mitigate the risks to your Automation or Digital Security System.


"I can honestly say that with IT4A working alongside us we assembled the right team and managed to achieve all our goals successfully"

Nuclear Sector,
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