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Reasons to collaborate with IT4A

Whether controlling an industrial process, enabling building services or securing a perimeter/area from intrusion, there will be a reliance on network infrastructure. The integrity of critical systems like these is highly dependent upon the reliability, performance and availability of the underlying automation network. IT4A are specialists in the full life cycle of network infrastructure...



IT4A create bespoke Network Solutions that are secure by design. Wide ranging applications include process control, site wide security, distributed WAN and remote access.


IT4A’s risk based network design accommodates the requirements of Cyber Essentials, Highways England - Code of Connection and follows general CPNI sourced good practice.


Network sensors, often integrated into network hardware, detect abnormal operation.  IT4A’s 24/7 monitoring service will capture and analyse such events so remediation efforts can begin.


Support and maintenance services have been delivering reliable and secure critical network infrastructures for over 18 years.

IT4A has a long track record of delivering top quality sustainable network and automation solutions.

How can we help you?

Broad Experience

Est. in 1998, our long association with network technology across multiple industries, from water to nuclear, has resulted in a wide range of capabilities and broad experience.


IT4A are certified and accredited solution partners for leading automation networking vendors Moxa & Belden (Hirschmann), Phoenix Contact (Innominate), LANCOM, Vicon (CCTV) & Cortech (Security Automation).


IT4A is a specialist Automation Networking Company. We know how to design, build, integrate and protect these networks from attack – intentional or otherwise.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner of Automation companies that see the benefit of collaboration to gain access to specialist network, cyber and skills and trusted product supply.


IT4A's portfolio of Customers includes: Network Rail, Urenco, Connect Plus M25, Sutton & East Surrey Water, Centrica Energy. Our Customers value our passion, our care and our determination; making us a trusted part of their team.


IT4A is serious about quality. On the 'Fit4nuclear' pathway, IT4A also hold ISO 9001:2015 for Design, Support & Supply, ISO 14001, ISO 18001:2015 for Design, Support & Supply.

Our Mission

IT4A provide industries, critical to UK infrastructure, with robust, reliable and secure network infrastructure and access solutions. To provide the skills, resources and services necessary to first implement then monitor and maintain these systems.


IT4A is the UK's leading provider of national infrastructure support services and critical infrastructure networking support. We deliver bespoke support services to a wide variety of customers across a range of industries.


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